Friday, April 11, 2014


Jeremy Lee Riley's design for a Cavalry Scout (c. 2001). From his Deadlands series.

The cavalry scouts are the elite of Elysium's grand armies. Because the Elysian empire is walled off from the rest of the world by a series of stone and earthen fortifications it was only a matter of time before overcrowding led to disease, starvation, and death. The scouts were formed as an answer to this growing problem. Their mission is to patrol the Deadlands in their mobile headquarters called Skiff-tanks (think of a battleship on a continuous track), search for new land for the empire to expand upon, and wipe out any and all opposition to their cause.

Jeremy Lee Riley explains that when he created the cavalry scouts he pictured them as a combination of the Greek Spartans, the Roman Centurions, and the US Marines. Total badasses, the best of the best. In theory, one of these guys could take out a dozen Deadlanders. While the Deadlands is comprised of various warrior tribes, these guys are professional soldiers. And the advanced weapons and technology at their disposal (Elysium is a technologically superior race compared to the rest of Sidoria) gives the scouts an edge over any enemy force they come up against.

 Copyright, 2011, Jeremy Lee Riley, Wamingo Publishing. All right's reserved.

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